Kevin Norton

Barking Hoop


As a leader:

Zinc Nine Psychedelic (Kevin Norton, Nick Didkovsky, Dave Ballou) "Zinc Nine Psychedelic" Punos Music PM 0008 (2009)
Joëlle Léandre & Kevin Norton "Winter in New York – 2006" Leo CDLR 499 (2007)
Kevin Norton "Quark Bercuse: Solo Percussion Vol. 1" FMR CD172-i0505 (2005)
Kevin Norton's Bauhaus Quartet "Time-Space Modulator" Barking Hoop BKH-008 (2004)
Kevin Norton's Living Language "Intuitive Structures" Cadence Jazz 1166 (2004)
Kevin Norton, Joëlle Léandre, Tomas Ulrich "Ocean of Earth" Barking Hoop BKH-007 (2003)
The Kevin Norton Quartet "The Dream Catcher (for Wilber Morris)" CIMP #280 (2003)
Kevin Norton's Metaphor Quartet "not only in that golden tree..." Clean Feed 11 (2003)
The Kevin Norton Quintet "Change Dance (Troubled Energy)" Barking Hoop BKH-005 (2001)
Kevin Norton & Haewon Min "Play the Music of Anthony Braxton"Barking Hoop BKH-006 (2001)
Kevin Norton Trio "In Context / Out of Context" Barking Hoop BKH-002 (2000)
Kevin Norton Ensemble with Anthony Braxton"For Guy Debord (in nine events)" Barking Hoop BKH-001 (1998)
The Kevin Norton Ensemble "Knots" Music and Arts CD-1033 (1998)
The Kevin Norton Trio "Integrated Variables" CIMP #121 (1996)

As a sideman or co-conspirator:

Scott Robinson “Live at Space Farms” (with Robinson, MarshallAllen & Pat O’Leary) ScienSonic SS-01>
Bill Mobley "Hitting Home" Space Time Records BG 1614
John Zorn “Nosferatu” Tzadik (records) #7397 (released April 2012)
Frode Gjerstad (See also TIPPLE)
"Circulasione Totale Orchestra" (CTO):
“Open Port” Circulasione Records CT 09 (released 2008)
“PhilaOslo” Circulasione Records CT12
TIPPLE (Frode Gjerstad, Kevin Norton, David Watson):
“Tipples” FMR records FMR CD299-1210
“LiveTipple” FMR CD 358 (recorded April 7, 2013)(released in 2013)
Ankel To Nose (Gitta Shafer, Nick Didkovsky, Kevin Norton) "Ankel to Nose" AMF 1048
Dave Ballou Trio/Quartet "Dancing Foot" SteepleChase
David Bindman Trio "Imaginings" CIMP#151

Anthony Braxton

“19 Standards (Quartet) 2003” CDLR 572/575 (released in 2010)
“Tentet” (Wesleyan)" 1997” Part 1 NBH 020 (New Braxton House Records)
“Tentet” (Wesleyan) 1997” Part 2 NBH 021
“Tentet” (Wesleyan)" 2000” Part 1 NBH 013
“Tentet” (Wesleyan)" 2000” Part 2 NBH 014
“Tentet (Paris) 2001” NBH037
“GTM (Knitting Factory)" 1997 Vol. 1” NBH015
“GTM (Knitting Factory)" 1997 Vol. 2” NBH016
“Tentet (Antwerp) 2000 Part 1”NBH009.1
“Tentet (Antwerp) 2000 Part 2” NBH009.2
"20 Standards (Quartet 2003)" Leo records 431/434
"23 Standards (Quartet) 2003" Leo CD LR 402/405
"8 Standards (Wesleyan) 2001" Barking Hoop BKH-004 (2001)
"Composition No. 285 (Antwerp, 2000)" Splasc(h) Records (2003)
"Four Compositions: Quartet, August 19, 1995" Braxton House BH-005 (1995)
"10 Compositions (Quartet 2000)" CIMP #225 (2000)
"9 Compositions (Hill) 2000" CIMP #236 (2000)
"Octet (New York) 1995" BH-006 (1995)
"Ninetet (Yoshi's) 1997 Vol. 1" Leo records 343/344
"Ninetet (Yoshi's) 1997 Vol. 2" Leo records 382/383
"Ninetet (Yoshi's) 1997 Vol. 3" Leo records 420/421
"Ninetet (Yoshi's) 1997 Vol. 4" Leo records 500/501
"Ninetet (Yoshi's) 1997 Vol. 5" forthcoming
"Ninetet (Yoshi's) 1997 Vol. 6" forthcoming
"Small Ensemble Music (Wesleyan)" Splasc(h) records CDH 801.2 (1994)
"Trillium R (Shala Fears for the Poor) an opera in 4 acts" Braxton House BH-008
"Four Compositions (Washington, DC) 1998" Braxton House BH-009 (1998)
"Ensemble (New York) 1995" Braxton House BH-007 (1995)
"Performance: Compositions No. 185/186 Istanbul, October 1995" Braxton House BH-001 (1995)
"Composition 193 (Tentet)" Braxton House BH-004

Anthony Coleman

"Pushy Blueness" Tzadik 8024 (2006)
"Lapidation" New World Records 80593-2 (2007)

Rob DeBellis

Rob DeBellis "Parallax" Vintone records

Paul Dunmal

Paul Dunmall "Ancient and Future Airs" Clean Feed Records CF 138CD (2009)

Paul Dunmall, Paul Rogers and Kevin Norton

Paul Dunmall, Paul Rogers and Kevin Norton
"Go Forth Duck!" CIMP #296 (2004)

James Emery

James Emery Septet "Spectral Domains" Enja ENJ-9344-2
James Emery Sextet "Luminous Cycles" Between the Lines btl015/EFA10185-2

Joe Fonda

Joe Fonda Quintet "Full Circle Suite" CIMP#198


Framework (Kevin Norton, Eric Friedlander, Laura Seaton) "Framework" Newport Premier NPD 85522

Fred Frith

Fred Frith "Step Across the Border" East Side Digital ESD 80462

Frode Gjerstad

"Bandwidth" with Frode Gjerstad's Circulasione Totale Orchestra Rune Grammofon RCD2089
"The Walk" FMRCD206-0606 (2005)
Frode Gjerstad / Kevin Nortonindex.html#fmr0604">"No Definitive" FMRCD150-i0604 (2004)

Brian Glick

Brian Glick "Trophy" Newsonic 22

Tyronne Henderson

Tyronne Henderson "No Comment" Atonal Reords ACD 3024

Milt Hinton

Milt Hinton "The Judge's Decision" Exposure 6231910

Will Holshouser

Will Holshouser "Reed Song" Clean Feed CF-005 (2002)

Phillip Johnston

Phillip Johnston
"Big Trouble" Black Saint Records 120152-2
"Music for Films" Tzadik 7510
Phillip Johnston's Big Trouble
"The Unknown" Avant/DIW Avan-037
"Flood at the Ant Farm" Black Saint 120182-2

Chris Jonas

Chris Jonas "Ensembles Unsynchronized" Newsonic 18

David Krakauer

David Krakauer's Klezmer Madness
"Klezmer New York" Tzadik TZ7127
"A New Hot One" Label Bleu LBLC6617 HM83
"The Twelve Tribes" Label Bleu LBLC6637 HM 83

Frank London

Frank London "The Debt" Tzadik 7507

John Lindberg

John Lindbeg "Born In an Urban Ruin" Clean Feed CF388CD
John Linberg TriPolar" [A] Live At Roulette, NYC Jazz" Werkstall 114

Marie McAuliffe

Marie McAuliffe
"Ark Sextet" Koch Jazz KOC-CD-7859
"Refractions: The Music of Burt Bacharach" Avant 070

Scott Miller Joe Fonda

Scott Miller/Joe Fonda "Bottoms Out" Cadence CD1085

Iron Monkey

Iron Monkey Trio (Kevin Norton, Bob Celusak, Andy Eulau) "Iron Monkey Trio" CIMP #238

Kevin O'Neal

Kevin O'Neil Quartet "Sous Rature" Barking Hoop BKH-003

JD Parran Mark Deutsch

JD Parran / Mark Deutsch
"Omegathorp: Living City" Y'all Recordings

Ed Ratlilff

Edward Ratliff's Rhapsodalia
"Barcelona in 48 hours" strudelmedia 008

Michael Sahl

Michael Sahl "In Fashion At Last" Albany Records TROY825

Jeffery Schanzer

Jeffrey Schanzer "No More In Thrall" CRI CD 748

Soldier String Quartet

Soldier String Quartet "Sojourner Truth" Newport Classic NPD 85508

Steve Swell

Steve Swell "Suite for Players, Listeners and Other Dreamers" CIMP #292
Steve Swell's Unified Theory of Sound "This Now" Cadence Jazz Records 1159

Trio Viriditas

Trio Viriditas (Alfred Harth, Wilber Morris, Kevin Norton) Trio Viriditas Clean Feed CF003CD

Appearances on Compilation CDs:

Ankle To Nose
"My Kind of Blue(s)" AMF 1047
Mark Dresser Quartet "Vision One: Vision Festival 1997 Compiled" AUM Fidelity 007/8
Framework "Live at the Knitting Factory, Volume 4" A&M 75021 5332 2
David Krakauer's Klezmer Madness "The Jewish Alternative Movement--A Guide for the Perplexed" Knitting Factory Works KFR 216
David Krakauer (with Kevin Norton and Mark Dresser) "In His Own Sweet Way" Avant 005
Fred Lonberg-Holm "The Beatles Live at the Knitting Factory" Knitting Factory Works KFW-113
Marie McAuliffe "Great Jewish Music: Burt Bacharach" Tzadik 7114-2